Monday, November 2, 2009

Windshield Excursion

We had a great night of showing films last night.  We didn’t have any decisions for Christ, but it was well received and the pastor was excited about the outcome.  He wants to know when I can come back.  The place we showed films was about an hour South of Cap Haitian.  I was able to send the guys back to Cap Haitian last night with the sister from the church in her minivan.  That saved me an hour on my trip home this morning. The guys flew back to Port-au-Prince early this morning.

The trip was especially dusty because I had an accident and knocked out my windshield.  Or should I call it a dust shield?  Fortunately the windshield wasn’t knocked out by one of our heads!!! A big truck threw a rock across the road and hit the windshield.  It burst into a million cracked lines, which was nearly impossible to see through. That wasn’t a problem because a few bumps later the whole windshield fell into pile on the dash.  We weren’t hurt other than a scratch on my arm. No windshield makes for a nice breezy ride, but it’s a bit dusty to be practical.

James and Tom in the truck without a windshield!

Then the saga began.  When we got to Cap Haitian we went running around looking for a replacement windshield.  One of the auto parts stores said he could order it, and have it there by 9AM the next morning.  I went ahead and paid a fortune ($240 US) for the windshield so he could order it yet that night.  Fortunately I had enough cash along for that.  The hospital has been giving a poor exchange rate so I was going to get some money changed while I was in the city.  For an extra $65 US, they would have installed it for me.  Anyway, we got to the auto parts place on Friday, a little after 9AM.  The windshield wasn’t there yet, so he called his contact, and they said they would be there in 60 minutes.  About 3 hours later, we still had no windshield, but got word the bus that was carrying the windshield broke down and was coming there to get a bearing for it.  He promised us my windshield would be there that evening.  We said we couldn’t wait and made arrangements to get it on Saturday afternoon on our way back into town.  We arrived at the auto parts place on Saturday and found the parts guy there.  He brought out the windshield, and we started putting the gasket on the new glass.  We couldn’t get it to fit.  We held the glass over the windshield hole, and it was about 3 inches too tall.  Another guy had ordered a Land Cruiser windshield the same evening as I did, so the shop owner called him up to see how his windshield fit.  The other guys windshield didn’t fit either, so we were in luck.  We drove about an hour out on the other side of Cap Haitian to the other guys shop.  He brought the windshield out, and it was the same size as the one they ordered for me.  So I still don’t have a windshield.  He promised to have the correct windshield there on Tuesday morning, which I kind of doubt since Monday was a national holiday.  Tuesday wasn’t going to do me any good anyway because I was going home on Monday.  I said he could return the money, or deliver the windshield to Deschapelles.  He didn’t know Deschapelles and didn’t want to make that commitment.  Neither could he return the money because everything was closed that time of day.  We agreed that he could deliver the windshield to his friend’s house in Gonaives and I could pick it up there.   This will work out alright since my next film trip is to La Croix, which is about half hour from Gonaives.  But it made for a super dusty drive home, and will make for a not so enjoyable trip back to Gonaives to pick it up.

I’ve got the truck cab unloaded and have taken the battery out so that doesn’t get stolen yet.

Serving God never is simple!


  1. Still now windshield. It's been promised several times, but still no delivery. The windshield is in Cap, but we're having problems getting it down to Gonaives.

  2. I finally got the new windshield and got it safely installed! Praise the Lord!