Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ministry News

I've got lots of news from the weekend.  Some good and some not so good...

1.) We showed evangelistic films both Friday and Saturday night!
2.) I had lots of abdominal pain and associated problems on Friday night and the better part of the day Saturday.
3.) Even though I wasn't feeling well, I was able to teach a seminar, on the 7 churches of Revelation, with about 75 students.
4.) Saturday night we were outside, and we had a few sprinkles of rain during the film.  After we were all packed up and I was laying in bed, we had a heavy shower.  Our prayers were answered, the rain was delayed.
5.) Seventeen people made a decision to accept Christ Saturday night.
6.) Two men accepted Christ at church this morning.
7.) I brought the message at church this morning, and it was well received.
8.) We had a truly incredible time of ministry and prayer for many folks after the service.  Some wanted prayer for specific things that I had preached about.
9.) After the church service I got news that the long-awaited windshield for my truck was on its way.
10.) I was in two police stations today and in prison.
11.) The driver left the windshield at the Lester police station and some friends went along to get it.
12.) The new windshield wasn't broken in transport!
13.) The new windshield was the right size for my truck.
14.) We put the new windshield in, right on the spot, at the police station.  Even the police chief lent us a hand at it.
15.) The windshield wasn't broken during the installation.  This was the first time I had installed a windshield. I had been given good how-to instructions.
16.) I made it to Payen just in time to pick up a group from Payen Mennonite Church to go sing and pray with the prisoners in the Verettes jail.
17.) After our little service at the jail, one person made a decision to accept Christ.
18.) I have just taken medicine for my stomach (chicken soup) and it's feeling good!
19.) I'm safely home again, completely exhausted, and overjoyed.

Mates in the local prison.

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