Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dubreuil Update

Oasis of Faith Christian Church, Dubreuil, Haiti

The short version is that the project is done!

The slightly longer version is that a team came from Fellowship Bible Church. There were 13 energetic brothers and sisters who came and built steel trusses, perlin, and put it all together, including screwing on the tin. They also built some doors.

We had a wonderful time of working together and fellowshiping with the folks in Dubreuil. From the beginning, we asked for the participation of the community, and we were not disappointed. They provided places for us to stay, the majority of the food for the team during the week, they hauled water, carried supplies and materials, and helped with the construction any way possible.

A big "thank you" to all who were involved!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Evening Outreach at Dubreuil

Our week at Dubreuil with the team from Fellowship Bible Church would not be complete without the showing of evangelistic films. We showed films three nights, as part of evangelistic outreach service including preaching and testimonies.

The Croud of People at the Last Night of Outreach

The final night of films, one man made a decision to accept Christ as his personal savior.

Our New Brother in Christ Pictured in the Middle

Pastor Training Seminar

I was also the translator for 4 of the 5 days of pastor training seminars, while the team from Fellowship Bible Church was at Dubreuil. We had a great time together, and all learned a lot!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dubreuil Construction Team

This next 11 days will be exhilarating! It all starts tomorrow morning when go to Port-au-Prince early in the morning. I will go to various stores to buy materials, steel and tin mainly, and other places to get tools and provisions. Hopefully this can all be completed by about 4:45 PM, and I can be loaded up and ready to pickup the team of 13 in our chartered school bus.

The plan is to drive from the airport to Deschapelles, where we will spend the night at my house, and then continue on Friday morning to Dubreuil, which is in Grand Riviere du Nord, in the North of Haiti. Hopefully we arrive before dark, and can cross the river, and start to hike our our supplies into the village.

The primary project of the team will be church roof construction, steel trusses and pearling, covered by tin.

The secondary project will be Bible training seminars for lay leaders of the Oasis of Faith Christian Church. These would be country bumpkins who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of their local church. They plan to meet every day, all day.

The third project will be vacation bible school (VBS) for the kids of the community; they have limited it to 50 special kids.

The forth project will be evening outreaches, of showing films, preaching, testimonies, and singing. This is planned for 3 different locations, over 4 nights!

The team leaves on Saturday, July 11th through the Cap Haitian airport. Then I will make the long drive back to Deschapelles!

Thanks for your prayers for all of these activities! To God be the glory!