Sunday, May 24, 2009

Safely Home after Dominican Republic Trip

After driving over 10 hours, and hundreds of kilometers (miles), I have safely returned home.

Praise the Lord for holding the truck together. During the trip, I had (and temporarily repaired) a minor problem with the brakes. Also, a couple of days ago, while I was driving, I heard a noise coming from under the truck. It got worse and then better on the way home. I'm hoping it's a universal joint going bad. I also had a shock that went bad. Too many speed bumps (and other bumps in the road).

The highlight of the trip was the ministry that took place. We were able to show films all 9-nights that were planned. Even though one of the nights didn't get planned in advance, some quick invites were sent out and we showed films that night at another location. Let's not waste time, let's build the Kingdom!

The most exciting part of the trip is over 20 people (mostly children) who indicated they would like to follow Jesus!

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