Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maissade Ministry Update

Well, I've safely returned from a long and tiring trip to Maissade. It was a long trip, because the road isn't so good. We spent about six or seven hours on the road each way. Both nights we showed films on the town square. On Friday after we arrived, we put the speakers on the truck, and went all through town spreading our "spam," unsolicited film announcement! This gave us record turn-out both nights, with maybe 500 to 600 people present. More on the second night as word of mouth kicked into gear.

Saturday yielded time for rest in the morning, and a nice long swim down at the "swimmin" hole in the afternoon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

True Security in the Dominican Republic - Note from Ministry Partner

Here is a note from a ministry partner ministering to Haitians in the Dominican Republic...

Last week we did a Haitian Leadership Conference that lasted the week. Pastors, leaders, and wives were invited. Five days prior to the conference we had nobody registered. Two days prior to the conference, we had 23 people coming. By the third day of the conference we had 130 people and that held until the conference ended. Each day we studied the seven commandments of Jesus, learned Bible story songs in Creole, and went out to do street witnessing and invited people on the street to come watch a video that night. Each night we showed a different film in Creole (three of which came from you!). 29 people accepted Christ.

Now, there is a big demand for the evangelistic films in Creole by the pastors and leaders all over the D.R.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pre-show Soccer Match

Easter season is always a popular spiritual time in Haiti; but not necessarily a Christian time. To combat this, we showed evangelistic films in outdoor spaces on Good Friday, and Saturday nights. On Friday night, we were accompanied by a pre-show soccer match. On Saturday we were accompanied by a church youth brigade.

Pre-Show Soccer Match Team Huddle