Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Miracle GPS and Banana Recovery

On Saturday, we took a trip up the river seeing how close we could get to the Dominican Republic. We were tracking our progress with a GPS. When we stopped for lunch, I looked for the GPS so I could mark our position, but it was gone! In thinking back, we tried to remember when I last looked at it, and when (and where) we could have lost it. The last I remembered of seeing it was about 20 minutes down river, when it was getting splashed, and I put it in a plastic bag with some small bananas. The bag with bananas was also missing! We went back down river and looked at two possible places where we changed seating positions and could have knocked the bananas and GPS into the river. At the second place, there in a branch, we found a bag with some bananas in it. Unfortunately the GPS was not there. We prayed and shortly late, we found the GPS in the river downstream not far from the bananas. Praise the Lord for his miraculous answer to prayer!

Satellite image of where we were at (Roche Mulatre)
and where we went (Savan Pedi)

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