Monday, September 8, 2008

Gonaive Flooding from Hurricanes

You have heard about hurricanes Gustav, Hanna and now Ike. They have blown through Haiti dropping an excess of rain, causing major flooding. There are houses completely destroyed in the mountains right close to where I live. Looking down into the valley yields a major flood where gardens were planted, completely destroying a hope of food and income for the near future. Gonaives, the capital of our department, is in even worse condition. They have sustained massive amounts of water damage.

On Saturday, another missionary and I went to Gonaives to take in food and clothes. It’s like what you have seen on the news; flooded streets, houses still partially submerged, and stories of how many people barely escaped the floods with their lives as they waded to higher grounds though chest-high water after waking up from feeling the flood water in their beds. You can clearly see the effects of the ferocious water that flowed through overturning trucks, displacing storage containers, and smashing down houses and walls. Even through all they have sustained many still carry hope for a future.

Flooding in Gonaives

The flood waters have cut off all major roads in and out of the Artibonite, where I live. Although there are bridges out, public transportation is running up to the point where the bridges are out and passengers are wading through the rivers. This will make the relief effort nearly impossible for the short-term.

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