Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Making of True Security

It has been several crazy, different, busy weeks. It started months ago in the preparations for receiving a team to film a movie; “The Thief.” This entailed all the preliminary work of interviewing and choosing actors, encouraging them to learn their lines, and getting them ready to participate in the film. After a quick business trip to Africa (which was awesome), I jumped into the film full-time. I scheduled practices with the actors in Deschapelles and in Port-au-Prince. For the Port-au-Prince practices and filming, I moved to town, and stayed in another missionary’s house while they were out on vacation/furlough this summer.

We had a tight practice schedule, with different actors coming every day to practice their part. For example, one day we had the police practice, and the next day we had God practice. Some actors came from out of town, so they also stayed with us. This included all of the logistics of meeting them at the “taptap” stop, overseeing a place for them to sleep, and food to eat.

I thought the practice schedule was tight until it came to the filming schedule. Filming was even more “fun”. In addition to all the actors, we added 4 “Visual Communications” students to the group. They are attending Eastern Mennonite University and helping with the project for course experience. We were also joined by a “grunt” that is a missionary’s kid. He helped in every way imaginable; from cracking eggs in the kitchen, to holding a light reflector, or helping to translate directions from the film crew to the actors in my absence. The most actors and crew I had at any given time was 15 people.

The movie has been completely filmed and we are now working on basic editing. In the coming weeks we will also be working on music and special effects. The team from EMU will be here working on the project until August 20th. We are hoping to have a rough cut of the film for the actors to all watch and comment on by August 15th. They will provide feedback for further corrections to be made.

I laugh when I think of all the different ways God has allowed me to participate in this film and what could appear in the credits should I want to take the credit from God… Producer, Assistant Screenwriter, Director, Catering, Grip, Props Coordinator, Weapons Coordinator, Logistics, Translator, Costumes, Makeup, Editing Director, Special Effects Director, and Stunt Driver to name a few.

Let me summarize that this is God’s project, and it is a privilege to serve Christ in any capacity. As the apostle Paul said, “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.”