Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anonsman La Solution (Official Trailer)

This is the official trailer of the Haitian Creole version of La Solution. This is an African move that shows the power of Christ over voodoo. This trailer includes English subtitles.

Youn nan pi bèl fim ki genyen pou rive Ayiti, La Solution pote istwa de fanmi Atta ki toujou monte andeyò pou y’al fè sakrifis mouton pou lwa yo. Ougan Nato pwomèt Atta ap direktè nan travay li, yap genyen lapè nan fanmi ak sekirite. Men sa pat pase konsa, Atta menm pèdi travay li. Yon lòt ougan di’l madanm li se yon manbo, se li ki kòz tout bagay sa yo rive. Atta met madanm ak timoun li yo deyò, timoun yo menm chache manje nan fatra. Timoun yo gen yon ti zanmi, Sopy, ki pale yo de Jezi e lè yo grangou li bay yo manje. Sopy mennen manman ak papa li kay Atta pou prezante’l Jezi. Atta rekonèt tout vye sakrifis sa yo p’at bon. Li konvèti paske se Jezi ki vrè pwotektè a; se Jezi ki mèt la vi a. Ougan yo bay manti. Nato di la vi Atta ak madanm li pwoteje nan yon kanari. Atta vin jwen vrè proteksyon nan Jezi, li pa bezwen kanari’l ankò. Li pa nesesè pou fè sakrifis ankò. Gade fim sa-a pou ou kapab jwenn solisyon nan vi’w e jwenn lapè nan fanmi’w.

One of the most beautiful films to arrive in Haiti, La Solution tells the story of Atta's family who always goes to the countryside to offer sheep sacrifices to the spirits. The witch-doctor Nato promises that Atta will become the director at his work, they will have peace in their family and security. But that isn't what happens, Atta even looses his job. Another witch-doctor says his wife is a spirit medium, and that it's her fault that all of these things have happened. Atta kicks his wife and children out of the house, the children even look for food in the trash. The children have a friend, Sopy, that tells them about Jesus, and when they are hungry, she gives them food. Sopy takes hr mother and father to Atta's house to present Jesus to him. Atta recognized all of his sacrifices were bad. He converts because it's Jesus that is the true protector; Jesus is the owner of life. The witch-doctors lie. Nato says Atta and his wife's lives are protected in a clay pot. Atta finds true protection in Jesus, he doesn't need his clay pot anymore. He doesn't need to do any more sacrifices. Watch this movie so you can find the solution in your life and peace in your family.

This movie is available for purchase online at Equipping the Saints.  It includes English and Spanish subtitles.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Tribute to My Nephew Derick

Wednesday as I drove the long trip from Jeremie to Port-au-Prince my mind pondered what would transpire in the next couple days.  Surely there would be a welcoming party, and sweet times of intimate fellowship with caring family and friends.  Probably the same as Jesus on his way to Jerusalem, he knew something was going to happen; something exciting (triumphal entry), something painful (beating, mocking and betrayal), something hopeless that would appear to end in death (crucifixion and burial).  Jesus was going to Jerusalem to give of Himself, to give for all.  I was on my way to Virginia to comfort (and find comfort) with my mourning family, in the tragic death and burial of my nephew.

Derick Brian Arbaugh
My nephew Derick (son of David) died following a motor vehicle accident on Sunday night.  It was just in May that I attended his wedding in Germany.  How quickly joy has turned to sorrow.

Derick and Miri Arriving at Wedding Reception
Candle-lit Song at Wedding Reception

Derick had come to visit me in Haiti.  Here are some pictures of happy times together in Haiti!
Derick and his Father
Derick Being Carried to Keep His Feet Dry
Finally a Real Bed!
Look at the Mess I Made
Derick Making Fun of my "Turd-Cel"
Derick in Flight on Family Trip to Lagonave
Derick Working on His Tan
Let's See You Get Out of This!

Jesus' death appeared to be total loss and defeat.  But, three days later He was raised to life, giving anyone who believes in Him eternal life!  Derick was a growing Christian who believed in Him.  He was taking new and exciting steps of faith daily, taking him closer to Christ.  Well, he took the final step, and has ascended into the presence and glory of the Lord.  I just hope he saves me a place at the banquet table in Heaven.  Soon our mourning will turn to dancing!  Psalm 30:11

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Germany and Turkey

Last Saturday my nephew, Derick, married Miriam, a beautiful German girl!  I was able to attend the wedding with my parents.  The wedding was held in a historic cathedral, in small-town Germany. The reception was unimaginable; lots of extravagant food and fun games. 

After the wedding, we (my mom, dad and I) went by train to visit Nicole, a long-time German friend, and co-worker from HAS.  She was a wonderful hostess and tour guide.  She catered to my pallet, serving fresh (weed) salad, apples and strawberries!  She took us to see a monastery, then to a nostalgic restaurant for snitzel and black forest cake, in the Black Forest!

Next, we were off to Istanbul, Turkey.  We saw some interesting sites; the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar.  The most interesting sight to see was my mom maneuvering her new rollator!

Next was a bus ride to Ankara (the capital of Turkey), then an overnight train ride to Erzurum.  From there we rented a car and drove to the closest city to Mount Ararat.  We have gotten to see Mount Ararat, Little Ararat, a meteor crater (Çukuru), the Iranian border crossing, and where Noah supposedly "parked" his ark.  Also, we have seen several rainbows here in Noah's land of promise.  A good reminder of God's covenant to never destroy the whole earth by a flood again, even if He gets fed up with us and our sin!

The Turks are the most friendly, helpful and hospitable people in the world.  They also have the best food!
James in front of Mount Ararat
James in front of Noah's Ark Remains
Mount Ararat
It is truly a blessing to tread on this land!

I have uploaded all of the pictures taken during the trip.  See the Germany and Turkey galleries.

Monday, April 7, 2014


It was a long and hard decision to leave Deschapelles.  One of my biggest concerns was that I would have to start a whole new media ministry.  I would have to meet new pastors and friends that would invite me to show movies at their churches and communities.  This has NOT been hard.  I showed movies the 2nd weekend after moving!  I am on par for number of showings, attendance and new decisions for Christ.  Praise the Lord for the doors he has opened!

As I was packing up to move, I decided to leave some movie equipment in Gonaives.  At first, it was just so I could use it for an upcoming team in La Borgne, in the North.  It didn't make sense to carry it 14 hours away, to bring it past where I started from.  After some prayerful consideration, I decided to ask a couple friends if they would like to form a committee to show movies with my spare equipment.  They accepted, as if I was Jesus telling them to do it!  They are Pastor Nestor, Pastor Edner and Brother Rochenel.

They have accepted the sacrifice of supporting this activity.  I haven't given them any assistance other than lending them the movie equipment.  They ask the inviting churches to pitch-in financially and/or they cover the cost themselves.  None of the committee has a vehicle, so they have to find and finance transportation too!

The outcome of this self-supporting media ministry group is amazing.  They showed more movies in December 2013 than I did!  They have also seen a lot of people accept Christ. Some witch-doctors even accepted Christ as a result of this group showing these movies.  They are making an eternal impact!  They are multiplying the kingdom of Christ!

1st Quarter 2014 Media Ministry Results

Please pray with me as I consider multiplying the efforts again; by equipping another group in another area with a projector and screen.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Visitors, Teams and Travels

This year started out with lots of activities.  I spent a short 4-days in Virginia with my family for Christmas.  On December 28th, my dad and team and I left for Haiti.  We visited the Virginia Mennonite Missions related churches.  We made benches at Laraquinte.  We showed movies at all of them.  There were many new decisions for Christ!
Geriatric Descent
As the work team left, my mom joined my dad and I.  Because of the cold weather (in Virginia) her flight was canceled, and she arrived a day later than expected.  Because of our late start, we spent the night about halfway at Jardins sur Mer.  Because of the road construction, it took a few hours longer than expected.

Sunrise from Jardins sur Mer
I worked while my parents were here, but we spent good quality time together in the evenings.  Mom cooked me breakfast most mornings too.  She made a conscious effort to get me to talk!

Joe (Dad), Miriam (Mom) and James (Me) at the beach in Bonbon
My folks departed the end of January, when I picked up the medical team from the airport.  We visited (and held clinics) at the Virginia Mennonite Missions churches.  Pastor Rodrique handled the planning with the pastors and government.  I was the driver and a translator.  Project Help handled the food and lodging.  It was a very memorable trip.

I returned to Jeremie and got settled in just in time to leave for Texas.  I attended the Fellowship Bible Church World Outreach Weekend (WOW) last weekend. It was a great time for fellowship with old friends, and meeting new folks in the church too.  Not to mention a chance to share my ministry with them.

You know, none of this would be possible without your prayer support!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

  • Le Combat is replicated.  Hopefully it will make it into Haiti on the next container.
  • Great WOW
  • An old friend is visiting me for carnival.

 Prayer Requests:            
  • Safety during travels in rara season.
  • Pray for the upcoming FBC team.
  • Pray for HHF.  A new administrator is coming.  She will be my supervisor.
  • Pray for ministry contacts to show movies in the Jeremie area.
  • Pray for the movie showings that are scheduled.
  • Pray for the re-mastering of the La Solution DVD.
  • Pray for successful delivery and arrival in Haiti of the Le Combat DVD’s.
  • Pray for the church at Charlette (construction).
  • Pray for victory in the unseen battle.
  • Pray for health and will to keep doing ministry.
  • Pray for a good hurricane season.
  • Pray for some good friends/fellowship in Jeremie.

Monday, October 21, 2013

More Kenya Pictures

I'm excited to report that I have safely returned home to Jeremie, Haiti.

I have been able to upload the remainder of the Kenya Pictures.

Overloaded Bus

See the gallery of things I saw on the train trip between Nairobi and Mombasa (Diani Beach) here... Kenya - Nairobi to Mombasa

See the gallery of pictures from Ray of Hope here...
Kenya - Ray of Hope

See the gallery of things I saw on safari here...
Kenya - Safari

Here Kitty Kitty

Friday, October 18, 2013

Time in Kenya Finished

My "holiday" in Kenya is now drawing to an end.  Early tomorrow morning I shall set out to the airport for my LONG trip home. I've seen so many wonderful and exciting things here.

Orphan Elephants

On Sunday, I visited a local church in Nairobi; Jesus Come Revival Ministry.  They really know how to pray and worship.

On Monday, I visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. I got to see baby orphan elephants up close.

See the gallery from things I saw in/around Nairobi here... Kenya - Nairobi Gallery

On Monday night, I set out to Mombasa via Train.  The train was very bouncy, but a fun experience. I had a 2nd class suite to myself, including a bed and sink. I also had breakfast, dinner and lunch on the train in the dining car.  Unfortunately, it arrived about 8 hours late, which fortunately meant I got to see many kilometers of Kenyan back-country. It was quite beautiful.

Tuesday night and Wednesday I spent at "Ray of Hope" with a friend of the family.  It's a children's home.  I had a lot of fun with the kids, and helping my friend organize the library. They gave me the special guest treatment, including serving me meat! I provided the entertainment; I showed them LeCombat off of my laptop.

Thursday and Friday I went on safari.  My friend from Ray of Hope went along.  We saw many wonderful and amazing things the Lord has created.  We saw elephants, giraffes, buffalo, lions, impala, dig-digs, eagles and other things that are super cool and interesting that I can't remember their names.

I plan to upload all of the pictures, so stay tuned to this blog for more updates for the announcement of the remaining pictures.

As always, thanks for your prayers!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

From Eldoret to Nairobi

Greetings from Kenya.  I took a fun and beautiful bus trip from Eldoret to Nairobi.  It was especially fun because some of the university computer science students who attended the OpenMRS meetings were also on their way home and on the bus with me.

Kenya is very diverse and incredibly beautiful.

Kenya Beauty
Kenya Beauty - Between Eldoret and Nairobi
To view all of the pictures I've taken on the trip thus far, including the OpenMRS Conference and site visits, visit the Photo Gallery.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

OpenMRS Site Visit in Kenya

I'm having a great time in Kenya, attending the OpenMRS Implementer's Meetings. I'm learning so much. Every now and then I even get to teach another implementer a new trick. Today was "site visit" day, where by we split up into groups and visited "local" healthcare facilities using OpenMRS. I was on the group that visited Koilot Health Center.  It was a little more than an hours bus ride from Eldoret.

Sign Pointing to Koilot Health Center
The Actual Clinic
We got a nice tour of the facility.  This included a basic flow of patients, including visiting consultation/counseling rooms, lab, and "server room". When asked about training, and how she learned to use the system, she said, "The system is simple to use, and it doesn't require a computer degree to use it."  They also said, compared to writing on paper, the EMR was easier to complete their daily tasks.  Unfortunately, it's necessary to keep the paper records because of frequent power outages.

Nurse in Charge Explains Reporting
Power outages were their main complaint about the reliability of the system. They use nComputing thin-clients, which helps lower their power consumption.  I'm told the voltage in Kenya is supposed to be 240-volts at 50-hertz.  According to their power strip, it looks like it was about 60-volts!  Something wasn't working quite like it was supposed to!

Low Voltage

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Vrè Sekirite a (True Security) Trailer and Synopsis

This is the trailer of Vrè Sekirite a (True Security).

Missionary James Productions ap presante Vrè Sekirite a, yon istwa ki chaje ak pasyon kote anpil bagay materyèl pèdi men gen yon viktwa espirityèl. Kote Jose François te okipe’l anpil de byen materyèl li te achte ak lajan papa’l te mouri kite pou li. Malgre gwo mezi sekirite li pran pou kay li ak machin li nan yon sèl nwit li te pèdi tout bagay, lè volè yo te antre nan kay la. Menm kan madanm li se kretyen, e Jose te menm konn tande mesaj levajil la, li te pito konte sou byen materyèl li yo pase pou’l te ete lafwa’l nan Jezi Kri. Aprè ke li te fin pèdi tout bagay, menm lavi’l tou, se lè sa a ke Jose vin reyalize ke Jezi se sèl Vrè Sekirite nan mete lapè ant  Bondye ak moun. Se sa ki vin pouse Jose aksepte Jezi kòm sovè’l, epi viv ak yon lòt objektif nan lavi’l. Tout imaj yo nèt se an Ayiti yo filme yo, avèk tout aktè Ayisyen sa yo se yon bagay kap fè fanmi’w ak zanmi’w anvi gade fim sa a plizyè fwa.

Missionary James Productions presents True Security, an exciting story of material loss and spiritual gain with a Haitian flavor.  Jose Francois is overly concerned about the material possessions his father's inheritance allowed him to purchase.  Even though he made preparations to secure his house and vehicle, he loses it all in a night when thieves break in.  Although his wife is a Christian, and Jose has heard the gospel message, he has preferred to rely on his material possessions rather than putting his faith in Jesus Christ.  After losing everything, including his life, Jose comes to realize that Jesus is the only true security in making peace between God and man.  This realization causes Jose to accept Jesus as his savior, and live with a different purpose in life.  Filmed entirely in Haiti, with all Haitian actors makes it something your family and friends will want to watch over and over again.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Update, Birthday and Charlette Church Tin

Greetings in the name of Christ! All is well with me, thanks to the Lord! I have been blessed beyond what you could imagine. My media ministry has started to take root around Jeremie. Work with the Haitian Health Foundation is going well, and I feel like I'm settling in well.

Today is my birthday. I'm now 36 years old, so I'm told. I have a friend visiting from Bombardopolis, about 18 hours bus ride from Jeremie! He came along to see this side of the country, and so I wouldn't have to make the trip by myself back from Port-au-Prince.

Birthday Cake
I was recently awarded a full scholarship to attend the OpenMRS Implementers Meetings, 8-11 October.  This year they are being held in Eldoret, Kenya.  I obviously plan to attend; with great gratitude for this honor.

Not long ago, I made my first trip to Charlette on a movie showing weekend. Charlette is a little more than 2 hours drive away from Jeremie, and then about an hour's hike up the mountain. There is a church with about 150 people in regular attendance.  They meet under a tarp.  They had the foundation and part of the walls finished.  God answered their prayers, and I was touched by their situation!  Out of the blue, a friend from Texas asked if there was any way for me to help host one of his teams as his other options had fallen through.  I mentioned Charlette and a few days later, we had set the dates. (For this November!)

I brought a load of tin back for the project, which I bought in Port-au-Prince directly from the factory.  It was longer (14-feet) and heavier (0.40mm) than the tin I could purchase locally.  Buying in Port and doing the transportation with the "White Wonder of God's Provision" saved a small fortune.

Church Folks Praising the Lord for Tin
Carrying the Tin Up the Mountain
Please pray the local church body will be encouraged by the prospects of a really nice church roof! They must do their part; finish with the walls and pour the bond beam.

  • I have completed the new Vrè Sekirite a DVD and it is being replicated.
  • I have completed the first draft of the Le Combat English subtitles and they are being proofed/corrected.  The new master DVD is also partially completed, including new menus.
  • Great woman’s conference.
  • Good hurricane season thus far.
  • I have a Haitian friend visiting me for my birthday (today), and my maid baked me a cake.
  • I received a scholarship to attend the OpenMRS Implementers Meetings in Kenya this October.
Prayer Requests:           
  • Pray for the Haitian Health Foundation.
  • Pray for ministry contacts to show movies in the Jeremie area.
  • Pray for the re-mastering of the Vrè Sekirite a, Le Combat and La Solution DVD’s.
  • Pray for the ability to get the new DVD’s shipped into Haiti in the HHF container.
  • Pray for the church at Charlette (that they will get their walls/bond beam up in time for the church roof team).
  • Pray for the church roof construction team.
  • Pray for victory in the unseen battle.
  • Pray for health and will to keep doing ministry.
  • Pray for a good hurricane season.
  • Pray for some good friends/fellowship in Jeremie.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Moved to Jeremie and working with Haitian Health Foundation

Greetings to you all! The end of last month I was busy saying "goodbye", selling off my belongings, and packing the rest.  I made the grueling trip in the anticipated time, 14 hours drive, all in one day.  Trust me, the drive was NOT like driving in the US.  It was exciting!  Pulling the trailer made it that much slower and exciting!

White Wonder and Trailer with moving helpers

Goofing off during picnic stop

I've been in Jeremie for more than a week now! Carl, one of the HHF board members who has historically helped with the computers was here to help me get initiated.  He was a big help! I will be working closely with a Haitian IT person, Asmail. He is sharp, knows their current system, and is very eager to learn!  I'm thanking the Lord for him already!  I've been using these first few days to learn as much as possible about HHF and the task ahead of me. I've got my work cut out for me!

I'm living at the Haitian Health Foundation, Center of Hope facility, on the third floor apartment above the boutique.  It's concrete block, with a tin roof. Jeremie is built on the side of a hill by the ocean.  Thus, my third floor balcony is at roughly the same level as the street outside in the back. 

Back of Apartment and backyard

Front of Apartment and White Wonder

Side of Apartment

The apartment has got two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a large kitchen, dining room, living room combined. There is a water tank on the roof which has provided reliable water.  There is a generator in the compound that augments the solar and city power.  It's a nice place, and quite comfortable overall.

Guest Room / Storage

Bathroom Sink


Bedroom - Shelf and windows

Bedroom Closet

I have a maid that works for me six days per week.  She has proven to be a great cook.  She really likes Maggie (my dog) too.

Living Room

The Center of Hope (compound where I live) is a place where pregnant woman with complications come to stay prior to delivery.  It's close to the hospital so they can be shuttled over at a moment's notice.  During their stay they receive health training in a fun format.  Here are some additional pictures from the Center of Hope; the complex where I live.

Center of Hope

Pavilion for woman and children training and consultations


Everyone has been very welcoming to me and excited that I have joined them. They are all surprised that Hospital Albert Schweitzer didn't do what was necessary to keep me. Many here have said "It's HAS's loss, and our gain!"  The other day Carl told me, "I sure appreciate the knowledge, planning, and analysis that you're using as you address each of these issues. It's a breath of fresh air (from my perspective)." It feels soooo good to be appreciated.  HHF is a close-knit team, and I feel special to be a part of it!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Tentmaker pulls up stakes...

As a tentmaker I support my ministry by working a regular job. I'm moving, thus I'm really pulling up the stakes! I'm leaving Deschapelles on Friday morning and hope to arrive at my new home in Jeremie on Saturday. Thanks for your prayers during the trip!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rose Angelique

Here are some videos I produced of a music group in the Oasis of Faith Christian Church in Port-au-Prince.  The music is by Rose Angelique.  The pictures are from my collection.

Lanmou - Dedicated to all the friends I will rarely see when I leave Deschapelles

Kite Kem Chante

San Repwoch

Yon Plan

Rose Angelique - Founded 21 May 2011 
Group Members: Ernise Nancen, Volcimus Gilberbe, Joseph Carmene, Augustin Rosemathe, Travius Tralene, Robuste Anise, J.Lorita
Director: Pastor Deravil Jems
Contact: Email: Tel:  4600-8548, 3231-7063

P.S. I praise the Lord for answering lots of panicky prayers during our email server upgrade here at HAS last weekend.  My staff and I spent all night Friday and Saturday in the office, and a few hours Sunday night too.  We've been working hard to bring our clients back online, connecting them to the new email server.  Praise the Lord, we have achieved our goal!

Note to self: Don't wait until an email server is past "End of Life" and then try to upgrade/migrate to the latest and greatest software released 10-years later!

Thanks for your prayers as I transition from HAS and on to where God is calling me!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Leaving HAS, Joining HHF

This is likely the most exciting update I’ve given in years!

As my contract with Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) was up for renewal, I decided to see what other employment opportunities may be available for someone with my qualifications. I wasn’t looking to leave HAS, but simply to increase my salary (or at least make sure the salary I was receiving was competitive).

To me, it seemed the perfect timing because Partners in Health (PIH) was just ready to open their new Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) not far from HAS/Deschapelles. I already had a great working relationship with their IT/medical informatics staff, and even knew their medical director. After sending my CV and passing through several interviews, I was informed that they wanted to give me a job offer. But first they wanted to communicate with HAS to let them know their intentions. HAS basically told PIH/HUM that it would be poaching to hire me. Instead, they designed an exhausting proposal to share me between the two organizations. All of that, and nearly two months later and I still had not heard what PIH had to offer me financially, which was the whole point of contacting them in the first place.

In frustration late one Friday night, I hopped on the Internet (on my phone while I was showing movies) and found contact info for the Haitian Health Foundation (HHF). It sparked my interest and I emailed them immediately. I got a response from HHF Monday and then had contact from the person in charge of IT, Father Stephen, and I sent my CV. On Tuesday Father Stephen and I had a great discussion about their IT needs and goals, and how I could help meet them. During the call I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit several times. I got excited about the task at hand; something that didn’t happen during PIH’s discussions or visits. He said he was not responsible for hiring/firing, but he would make the recommendation to those in power at HHF to hire me.

Also, Tuesday morning I heard from PIH with what they had to offer financially. PIH asked what I made at HAS and was shocked by the low salary. HAS made little effort to raise my salary to approach PIH’s offer, not even over time. I was exhausted and frustrated by the months it took to get the offer from PIH and even more disappointed that HAS didn’t rise to the occasion and offer to significantly increase my salary.

This is how God works. He puts his people in positions where they are desperate for his power, and then he shows his provision in ways that display his greatness. (Quote from RADICAL, Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream, by David Platt)

As I lay in bed exhausted Tuesday night, I kept calculating my options, thinking and praying. I finally decided that I had to put it into the Lord’s hands. I prayed something like this…

Lord Jesus, I’m exhausted by all of these contract negotiations. I want to be where you want me to be. If you want me to join the Haitian Health Foundation, I ask that you have them contact me tomorrow and offer me a package the same or equal to PIH’s offer (that took me 2 months to get). I pray that HAS would be unwilling to increase my salary above HHF’s offer. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Wednesday morning I got an email from HHF asking when we could talk, so we did. They said whatever PIH had offered that they would match. They said to tell HAS I’m leaving and joining HHF. A few minutes later I talked with HAS. Just like God had hardened Pharaoh’s heart to let the Israelites go, God has hardened HAS’s heart, so I could go to where God want’s me!

I will continue to work in the IT / Medical Informatics field, as Manager of HHF Informatics and Information Technologies. My initial task will be to setup an OpenMRS server and migrate their medical data. They are a slightly smaller operation than HAS, with their primary focus being at the community level. Although HHF is not a mission or religious organization, they are believers. During the second interview Dr. Jeremiah Lowney said "We’re doing God’s work, and we have a divine hand guiding us."

I will have the same freedom for personal ministry with HHF that I had with HAS. This will allow me to do media ministry on the side and host teams from time-to-time.

The most exciting (and scary) part of it all is where HHF is located. They are located in the only department (state) in Haiti where I have never showed movies before; the only place in Haiti where I don’t know anybody or have any contacts. (I feel like Abraham when God spoke to him and told him to “Go”.) They are based in Jeremie, in the far South West of Haiti, in the Grande Anse, 10 hours’ drive from the PAP airport.

I hope to move to Jeremie the end of May, and start working for HHF June 1st. 

Thank you so much for your prayers during this time of transition; tying up loose ends at HAS and media ministry near Deschapelles, selling unneeded items, packing and saying good bye.

What a fun ride! Kind of like a roller-coaster with the tall hills and curves, and the feeling of danger at every turn; with full knowledge that it has been well engineered and tested. I’m on a ride designed by THE ULTIMATE ENGINEER. I know He will carry me safely through to the debarkation platform (and beyond)!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anonsman Le Combat (Official Trailer)

This is the official trailer of the Haitian Creole version of "Le Combat."  This is an African move that shows the power of Christ over Voodoo.  This trailer includes English subtitles.

Depi lè Dansou pran desizyon aksepte Jezi, fanmi’l ak tout lot moun nan bouk la tounen kont li. Tonton’l ak lòt frè’l yo al kay yon premye wougan pou yo te tou yell. Yo echwe.

Yon dezyèm bòkò pwomèt li lap fè tout bouk la jwenn jistis li ak ni Dansou, ni pastè a. Li ba’l yon poud pou’l simen devan pòtay kay la pou Dansou, men Dyab la fouye tou’l, li tonbe ladann. E Bondye itilize pyèj sa’a pou li sove tonton’l ak tout madanm li.

Fim sa gen anpil sispens ak istwa kap rive tout tan nan vil ak vilaj nou yo. Lè’w chwazi chimen Syèl la, ou pap regrèt.

Pwovèb 29:25
Si ou pè sa moun ap di, ou antrave. Men, si ou mete konfyans ou nan Seyè a, ou pa bezwen pè anyen.

P.S.  Please pray for me as I seek the Lord's direction in my work situation; to renew with HAS (Hospital Albert Schweitzer), or to join HUM (University Hospital Mirebalais)/PIH (Partners in Health).

This movie is available for purchase online at Equipping the Saints.  It includes English and Spanish subtitles.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Estimated Media Ministry Results

I am always active in showing movies here in Haiti.  I plant, "Apollos" waters, and God by his Holy Spirit causes them to grow into disciples. Here are some statistics over the years.  I suspect the spike of decisions for Christ around 2010 was because of the earthquake here in Haiti, making people think seriously about dying.

If you think this is exciting, just imagine what God has done that we can't see!  I appreciate your continued prayer support for the ministry that God has called me to throughout this year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ministry Update, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Life in Haiti has been nothing but boring. I have had a very busy time since my return from the Philippines and Korea. My time has been consumed by work at the hospital (which seems like more work than usual). I have also spent a LOT of time doing media ministry. I went out every weekend in November, and the first two weekends in December (including two extra long weekends).

Children's Ministry in the Sun
Children's Ministry at the Beach

You can view all of the pictures taken during the December 2013 trip to Anse Rouje in the Photo Gallery.

One of my other "little" projects was creating a video for United Haitian Restoration and Hephrata Mission.  I recorded some interviews of the founding pastor (Nestor Pierre) and some of the children that have experienced his ministry.

I was watching movies with the children while out one weekend recently. The movie that was playing included the part in Genesis where Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the forbidden tree. As Eve plucked the red fruit from the tree and admired it lustfully, the kid sitting next to me exclaimed "No! Don't do it!" Apparently, he heard the story before and knew how sin entered the world and how we became separated from God.

I'm thankful for God's provision of the ultimate lamb/blood sacrifice which allows us to restore the relationship with God. It was Jesus; a perfect lamb, born in a barn! Philippians 2:5-8 reminds us how we should have the same mindset as Christ, in our relationship with others.

Who, being in very nature God,
    did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage;
rather, he made himself nothing
    by taking the very nature of a servant,
    being made in human likeness.
And being found in appearance as a man,
    he humbled himself
    by becoming obedient to death—
        even death on a cross!

Please have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Traditional Filipino Group

During the 2012 OpenMRS Implementers Meeting, in Silang, Philippines on Thursday, 11-October-2012, we had special entertainment in the evening. It featured a traditional Filipino group, that played instruments made mainly out of bamboo.  It was really different and interesting.  I caught some of it on video. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Philippines and Seoul Pictures

I have safely returned from a long (two-week) trip to the orient.  I visited the Philippines and Seoul, South Korea. It was interesting to see how different these places are compared to the other places I've visited previously.  My highlight was the day I spent in Seoul with a friend, Bo, who was able to show me the sights and tell me what foods I would like best.  I took lots of pictures during the trip.

Gyeongbokgung Palace Entrance

Statue of Brothers, War Memorial of Korea

My Philippine Pictures are here…

My Seoul pictures are here…